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Angry Bear Starts Chasing Mountain Bikers In Frightening Helmet Cam Footage


Angry Bear Starts Chasing Mountain Bikers In Frightening Helmet Cam Footage

When YouTuber Dusan Vinžík was mountain biking in the woods with his buddy, the man couldn’t believe his eyes when an aggressive looking bear appeared out of nowhere and started chasing his friend. All of this happened in Malinô Brdo in Slovakia. Vinžík started screaming his lungs out to alert his buddy of the danger.

Luckily, the bear disappeared after cutting off the trail. We also see that the biker whom the animal was after stops, which was probably a good thing as the path in front of him had a switchback and could have lead him to the bear.

It’s not clear what made the beast run away – perhaps it was Vinžík’s screams that frightened the animal. One thing for sure, it was a ride to remember!

More info: YouTube

Watch the video here:


Published by Игорь Молд , 09.05.2017 at 19:34


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