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5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever

For some ridiculous reason, humans think that they need to make all kinds of changes to the dogs they love.

Here are the top five things dog lovers should never do to their furry best friends.

Pup pedicures


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever



This little vanity seems harmless, but chemicals in some nail polishes may actually be toxic for your pet. If you're positively itching to paint your pet's nails, check with a vet to make sure your product is definitely safe.

Dying a dog's hair

Dog hair dye can be ingested, and the chemicals can hurt your poor pup.

This pup's fur was dyed so he wouldn't even look like a dog anymore.

5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever

And so was this one.

5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever

This pup was dyed to match his human's favorite sports team — too bad the team is the 49ers and they were shooting for red.


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever



Yeah, better to skip the highlights.

Dog ear piercing

It's not too common, but it's a thing. Dog ear piercing is simply a risk not worth taking, considering that dogs could scratch at and even tear out earrings. They're already prone to ear infections, so why make the area even more sensitive?


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever



Far better to treat yourself or a beloved human in your life to dog earrings. Luckily, this trend doesn't seem to be too far-reaching.
And in some places, the law has stepped in to stop it. This also goes for ...

Ear cropping and tail docking

Ear cropping and tail docking — cutting off the tops of his ears and trimming off his tail — are cosmetic procedures many veterinarians refuse to perform.


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever

Flickr/Abhay Kushwaha


While the procedures are controversial among dog enthusiasts, the alterations cause needless pain to a pup who is otherwise perfect as he is. And the American Veterinarian Medical Association opposes the practices, which are also banned in many countries.

Dog tattoos

Um, seriously?!


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever



If you love dogs and you love tattoos, how about this option instead? 


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever



Remember: Dogs just want to be themselves — no alterations necessary. 


5 Worst Dog Fashion Trends Ever




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